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How To Protect Yourself From Oral Cancer

Oral cancer receives considerably less attention than other malignant disorders, which is an unfortunate fact considering that the disease kills some 8,000 Americans every year. It is also difficult to treat, and thus to survive, in its later stages. On the positive side, oral cancer is relatively easy to detect in its early stages, and there are also many things individuals can do to protect themselves from the disease.

The best way to protect oneself from any disease is prevention. In the case of oral cancer, prevention can be greatly enhanced through good oral health practices and the recognition of certain signs and symptoms. One of the most important health practices is having a regular physical examination, which should include a screening for cancer. The dentists and hygienists of Contemporary Dentistry, located in Groton, Connecticut can screen for oral cancer twice a year using an ultraviolet light called the VELscope. Using a flashlight and a mirror, individuals can examine their own mouths with relative ease.

The lips, gums, tongue and the top, bottom and sides of the mouth should be checked for signs of discoloration, sores or abnormal patches. The development of white or red lesions in the mouth can also be an indication of the development of cancerous cells. The removal of these lesions can ward off oral cancer. Dentists should also check for teeth that ache or are loose and dentures that do not fit properly.

There is little mystery to the fact that smoking greatly increases the risk of oral cancer, as does the use of chewing tobacco. These products should be avoided completely, and because excessive drinking can be as much of a factor in oral cancer as smoking, alcohol should be consumed in moderation. The exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV) can also heighten the risk of cancer. A less obvious risk factor is excessive exposure to sunlight, especially during the early years of childhood. The use of a sunscreen on one’s lips can provide considerable protection.

As is the case with other disease, the prevention of oral cancer comes down to the simple rules of having a healthy lifestyle and getting regular physical and dental examinations.


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