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What Food & Drinks Can Damage Teeth

When it comes to protecting one’s teeth, there are several different tools available that can help address dental hygiene. While consistent brushing, flossing, and dental habits all form part of a healthy routine, dietary decisions are another factor that can have a large impact on the condition of one’s mouth. While some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, help clean the teeth and contribute to a healthy diet, others can destroy tooth enamel and promote decay. Dentists recommend avoiding these foods and drinks can easily help anyone keep their teeth in great shape.

Sugary Sodas, Energy Drinks and Foods

Of course, dentists state all drinks with sugar and candies have long been recognized as detrimental to tooth health. In carbonated drinks, it isn’t just the sugar content that causes problems, but the phosphoric and citric acids that corrode healthy tooth enamel. With the rising popularity of energy drinks and so called nutritional drinks, we advise you to read the labels as most contain high sugar and caffeine levels. It is best to avoid these beverages altogether.

Dentists recommend eliminating large amounts of candy to impact one’s health. Nevertheless, most everyone falls prey to temptation now and again. When eating candy, it is best to pick treats that do not remain in the mouth for a long period of time such as lollipops and caramels. The shorter exposure period can help keep teeth safer.

Dried Fruits

Many people are surprised to learn that dried fruits can cause damage to the teeth. While a piece of fruit is quickly consumed, dried fruit can stick to the teeth and gums. This can cause damage over time, as teeth are continually exposed to sugars in the fruit.

Popcorn, Ice, Chips and More

It makes logical sense that hard foods can cause tooth problems. Ice is of particular danger, as chomping down on these hard bits of frozen water can cause fissures in the teeth. In some extreme cases, patients have even broken teeth on ice cubes.

Popcorn, chips and other crunchy snacks often become lodged in between the teeth and gums. This can encourage the growth of bacteria, which in turn causes plaque to grow. Whenever such items are eaten, it is advisable to brush the teeth immediately afterwards.

Enjoying one’s favorite snacks shouldn’t come at a price to oral health. Whenever possible, dentists recommend that sugary and acidic foods should be avoided. For all other snacking, and following proper meals, it is advisable to brush and floss to remove food particles that may have lodged in the teeth.


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